Mickey Buckmaster, CPA"EPIX is so much more than an insurance company with whom we trade money for a certificate of insurance. We truly feel we have a partner. From quality CME (which my docs actually enjoy), to first-class administrative staff, to comprehensive assistance when we have an issue, to the transparent way they run the business, EPIX has exceeded our expectations. I wish I had this level of trust with all of our vendors."
Mickey Buckmaster, CPA
Practice Administrator for Green Country
Emergency Physicians Group of Tulsa

"EPIX came onsite to help us with our throughput. In addition to their expert consultation, they offered us a day-long CME course on using lean principles to improve ED operations. We had ED physicians, nurses and hospital leaders attend the course. Since the training we are using new terminology (i.e.: value streams, etc.) in meetings and have found that it turns heads and people listen a little closer. Once again EPIX showed us that they are more than an insurance company, they are a valued business partner."
Jeff Bzdusek, DO
South Yale Emergency Physicians
Chicago, IL

Patrick Kelly, MD, FACEP

"Since becoming insured with EPIX in 2008 our group has benefited from a partnership that provides us with much more than malpractice insurance. As emergency physicians with a primary focus on patient safety our group appreciates the value of EPIX's risk management program on a daily basis. EPIX's top notch email alerts keep us up to date on topics specific to our practice in emergency medicine. And rather than being required to complete generic courses on risk management in return for premium discounts, EPIX CME courses are relevant to our practice and offer practical tips and advice we can use in our next shift in the ED. EPIX understands emergency physicians because the company is governed by emergency physicians. I cannot think of a better model for malpractice insurance."

Patrick Kelly, MD, FACEP
Roper Emergency Physicians
Charleston, SC
Dr. Chris Burke, MD, FACEP, Managing Partner, Medical Associates LLP, Indianapolis, IN
"Since partnering with EPIX, we have enjoyed stable, predictable malpractice premiums, while simultaneously reducing our risk and improving patient safety in our EDs."
Chris Burke, MD, FACEP
Managing Partner
Medical Associates LLP


Are you Violating EMTALA?


By Dr. Stephen Colucciello

Reviewed by Dr. R. A. Bitterman


EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. We all know the law, and as emergency providers we know we should do a medical screening exam (MSE) and not refuse appropriate transfers, but beyond that, most of us don't think about EMTALA very often. After all, we've got the MSEs and transfers down, so why should we?


Many of us do not realize that EMTALA covers other aspects of emergency care that we face every day. It is likely that some of you reading this article frequently violate this law. How? Keep reading... (Read More)


Tanvir M Dara, MD, FACP, FACEP"EPIX has been our Liability Insurance carrier from day one. We, as five Emergency Medicine Physicians, started an Urgent Care group in 2012 and since then EPIX has nicely complemented our needs and growth. EPIX not only offers WORLD CLASS customer service but also provides outstanding CME for our physicians, APPs and RNs. Transparency of business is added value and highly cost effective premiums are most desirable for our Urgent Care practice.

We are proud to have EPIX as our PARTNER! " Read More

Tanvir M Dara, MD, FACP, FACEP
BetterMed Urgent Care
Richmond, Virginia