Risk Services

Promoting safety for patients and physicians

EPIX believes keeping patients' safe keeps our insured providers safe. Our exclusive risk management program of risk assessment, medical-record audits and continuing medical education (CME) assists our insured independent groups in creating a safer practice, higher patient satisfaction, and fewer claims.

Proprietary approach used to reduce risk

  • Highly specialized risk management experts work with groups to identify and resolve opportunities for improvement
  • Comprehensive risk assessments measure compliance to evidence-based indicators
  • Self-assessment tool for urgent care practices
  • Clinical audits improve the quality of documentation and meet the American Board of Emergency Medicine recertification requirements
  • Email alerts on topical risk management issues and noteworthy claims
  • Resources and tools are shared with insured groups and providers
  • Individual and annual meetings with group leaders provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and developing new solutions


EPIX provides ACEP Category I and AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ for the completion of online CME courses on high-risk topics each year. EPIX courses are available to all insured providers at no cost:

  • Sepsis
  • The Emergent Airway
  • Abdominal Pain in the Elderly
  • Difficult Stroke Diagnoses
  • ACS – The Basics
  • Skin and Soft Tissue Infection
  • Injured Patients on Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet Agents


"Can't Miss" Seizure Presentations, Part 2


By Dr. Stephen Colucciello


The Wild Man


A 40-year-old plaintiff’s attorney from the firm of Shady and Leach presents with a first time seizure.


Medics gave him several rounds of midazolam for agitation during transport and the patient arrives with the following vital signs: BP 185/110, P 135, T 101, R 25, PO 98% and blood glucose 145.


The patient is tremulous and will not follow commands. He is drenched in sweat, intermittently retches and scratches frantically.


Although there are no focal neuro deficits, the patient is hyper-reflexic and looks wildly around the room during the exam. During the physical, he tries to eat your reflex hammer.


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Patrick Kelly"Since becoming insured with EPIX in 2008 our group has benefited from a partnership that provides us with much more than malpractice insurance. As emergency physicians with a primary focus on patient safety our group appreciates the value of EPIX's risk management program on a daily basis." Read More

Patrick Kelly, MD, FACEP
Roper Emergency Physicians
Charleston, SC