Medical Professional Liability Insurance

EPIX writes medical professional liability insurance direct with independent emergency and urgent care physician groups. Working with groups directly allows for premium discounts on claims-made polices. The EPIX strategy is to understand individual policyholder needs and tailor our risk, claims and underwriting strategies to support our groups in raising the standard of patient safety and reducing risk factors that lead to malpractice claims.

The EPIX underwriting department considers unique variables and uses creative solutions to provide affordable insurance:

  • EPIX insurance rating is based on per patient visits

  • No additional charges for adding or terming physicians and advanced practice providers on your policy

  • Premium discounts are offered to insured groups who demonstrate a strong commitment to their specialty and to the risk and patient safety program provided by EPIX

  • Multimedia Liability

  • Security and Privacy Liability

  • Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties

  • PCI DSS Assessment

  • Privacy Breach Response Costs

  • Patient Notification Expenses

  • Patient Support and Credit Monitoring Costs

  • Proactive Privacy Breach Responses Costs Sublimit

  • Voluntary Notification Expenses Sublimit

  • Network Asset Protection

  • Cyber Extortion

  • Cyber Terrorism

  • BrandGuard

  • Medefense™ Plus Regulatory Proceedings

Cyber Liability and Medefense™ Coverage is included in our medical liability policies. As an EPIX member, you receive:

Policy Coverage​:

  • Defense costs are outside the limits of liability

  • Broad coverage definition: An incident report triggers claims-made coverage

  • Physician members insured by EPIX for five consecutive years, are offered free tail coverage upon retirement from the practice of medicine or in the event of death or disability


Claims history request. If you have a 3rd party request for claims history, please include a copy of the signed authorization form along with the claims history request and submit to the EPIX Credentialing Department via, phone (916) 772-2099 or fax (530) 323-1838.

Certificate of insurance (COI) request. If you are requesting a certificate of insurance, please contact the EPIX Credentialing Department via, phone (916) 772-2099 or fax (530) 323-1838.


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One of the first in the U.S. to organize an emergency physician owned medical liability insurance company.


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